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PAMM account partnership programs

A simple way for managers to attract new investments on their PAMM accounts, and for professionals (analysts, risk-management specialists, etc.) to earn some extra income.

Become a partner

How it works

  • The partner selects a suitable manager from the PAMM account ratings and contacts them via their forum.

  • The manager agrees with their prospective partner on the terms of cooperation.

  • The manager adds the partner in myAlpari, and the partner helps the manager promote their PAMM account.

forms of cooperation

Referral partner

The partner attracts investors to the PAMM account and receives a portion of the manager's profits for each investor.

Auxiliary partner

Auxiliary partners use their expertise to promote the PAMM account, and get a fixed percentage of the manager's remuneration in return, the terms of which are agreed upon on an individual basis.

How remuneration is calculated

Referral partners

Investor profit (25,000 USD) minus the manager's remuneration (5,000 USD)
20,000 USD
5,000 USD
Manager's remuneration (5,000 USD) minus the partner's remuneration (500 USD)
4,500 USD
500 USD
Referral partner's remuneration
500 USD

At the end of the trading interval, the investor reffered by the partner has made a profit of 25,000 USD. According to the agreement, the investor must pay 20% of this to the manager, which amounts to 5,000 USD. In turn, the PAMM account manager then pays 10% of their remuneration to the partner, which amounts to 500 USD.

Auxiliary partners

Investor profits (100,000 USD) minus the manager's remuneration (20,000 USD)
50,000 USD
20,000 USD
10,000 USD
20,000 USD
Manager's remuneration (20,000 USD) minus the partner's share (2,000 USD)
18,000 USD
2,000 USD
Partner's share
2,000 USD

At the end of the trading interval, the PAMM account investors have made a profit of 100,000 USD. In this case, according to the manager's investment terms, the manager receives 20% of this in remuneration, which amounts to 20,000 USD. According to the agreement with the manager, the partner's share will be 2,000 USD.



The above images show example calculations. The information displayed on this page does not constitute any guarantee of future profit.

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